Why Water Damage Is Such a Common Problem?

Explaining the reasons why water damage is such a common problem to all households is very easy. It actually takes only one sentence. It’s because the number of water sources around the house are numerous. How many bathrooms do you have? And, of course, there’s the kitchen. Don’t forget the appliances – not only the washing machine and the dishwasher but also the freezer and the refrigerator. How about your AC? One more thing. All these water sources hide pipes, which connect with the main sewage system. And while you are likely starting to hold your breath, let us kindly remind you that some disasters happen due to adverse weather conditions or river overflowing.

Well, it took more than a sentence to name the main causes of water damage. That’s because the list of potential culprits is long and, surely, not exhaustive here above. Want one more usual culprit? Look up at your roof. Or take a closer look at your windows.

Simply put, the dangers are all around you. And this increases the chances of water damage.

water_damage_restorationCan you do something to prevent water damage?

You can actually do a lot. As far as the things around your house are concerned, you can distance the need for water damage restoration and everything that comes before that.

To solve a problem, it’s important to understand why it happened, in the first place. Let’s take a quick glimpse.

•   Pipes burst and flood floors, causing significant damage – and they do so for a reason, usually rust or bad installation. One thing you can do to avoid broken pipes is to replace them every now and then. Or, have them checked – if possible. And always make sure you get good quality pipes set up by experts.

•   Home appliances need good installation too. They also need some maintenance – the older they get. And if they show signs of wear or have problems, you shouldn’t ignore but fix them. Sometimes, the flood created by a washer, for example, has little to do with the appliance per se and more to do with a kinked hose. No wonder every little thing matters.

•   Bathrooms and kitchens are all about water. There are sinks, the toilet, tubs, faucets – they are the kings of water supplies and so should be checked often. Not all big nightmares happen overnight but build up slowly, under your nose. Next time you see a faucet drip water, have it fixed.

•   Don’t throw just anything in the toilet or the pipes will block and, eventually, overflow and return the dirty water in the bathroom. Now, when it comes to the contrary situation where the sewage outside overflows and backs up, you may not be able to know ahead and thus do much. But do be ready for something like that after a heavy rainfall.

•   The roof – the very one that protects you from all elements, may also be the reason for a flood. Roof damage that may cause water damage indoors is not always easy to tell – obviously. And that’s why the wise thing to do, especially if the roof is old or after a big storm, is to have a roofer up there to check everything.

Sometimes, water damage restoration is all you have

It’s true. Sometimes, water damage repairs and restoration are not avoidable and, actually, the only thing you rely on in hours of need in order to get back to your normal life. This is when you cannot do much about prevention and just be ready to handle the situation. That’s when rivers or lakes overflow. And this often happens when it rains a lot for days and the river/lake/sea level goes up. Even if there is no such body of water close to your house, heavy rainfall may flood your basement. Or cause condensation due to bad window sealing or other window problems. And while you can replace or fix windows, it’s hard to do much with nature and elements.

The worse the natural disaster, the most likely you won’t avoid some disaster restoration. When it comes to thunderstorms, rainfalls, hurricanes, floods do happen. Water may come in or the roof may get damaged and start leaking. If you live in an area, which often suffers such disasters, the only thing you can do is to see if you can get a flood warning system. And keep the number of a water damage service company handy.