The Effects of Water Damage on Your Life

A few drops of water can create a puddle in no time. Water damage shadows our lives and has become the living nightmare of many households. There is no question about the importance of the rapid assessment of the problem and water damage restoration. The effects of water damage on your life are bad, multiple, and somewhat complex. Let us elaborate.


Water is one of the greatest natural elements. It keeps us healthy. It keeps the natural environment healthy, but it takes an overflowing river or a burst pipe for water to wreak havoc on your home. The sources of water damage are multiple – broken pipes, natural disasters, leaky appliances, damaged roofs – you name it. Now, the complexity of the water damage classification lies in the type of water. There’s water and there’s water. Why is this important to the effects of water damage? Because the blacker the water, the worse the consequences.

Which are the categories of water damage?

  • Category I is clean water from leaky faucets, burst pipes or vertical rain. It causes no harm.
  • Category II is grey water. Although not contaminated, water is not clean since it floods from appliances, sinks, or tubs. It can make you sick but won’t kill you.
  • Category III is black water. It may cause death. It is water from sewage backup, toilet overflow, overflowing lakes or rivers, and stagnant water.

The main effect of water damage is health issues

Black water is often fatal since it usually contains fecal matter, urine, or bacteria. And so, the less you remain exposed to this type of water and the quicker you call for water damage restoration service, the better. And the problem doesn’t get bad only when your toilet overflows.

Stagnant water is bad news too – hence, one more good reason to call for water damage clean up. Clean water is harmless at first. If it becomes stagnant, it degrades to grey water and thus the chances of you getting sick are increased.

What comes along with water damage?

To understand the overall effects of water damage, you need to consider what happens when your home is flooded. Water becomes a flood and so the moisture levels are increased. This is not good for your health either. And sadly, this is not all to it. The increased moisture and warm environment will promote mold growth. Things seem to get worse, don’t they? You won’t only deal with the effects of stagnant or black water but also with the effects of moisture and the effects of mold. Everyone knows that mold can make you sick. People with weak immune systems, like the elderly and children, get sick faster. You might face asthma attacks, all kinds of skin irritations, or get allergies. The repercussions are plenty and never good.

The water damage effects on your home

The health hazards are the worst effects of water damage but not the only ones. You see, water destroys the furniture and all the things you keep at home. Cushions, wood, carpets and similar materials susceptible to water are damaged in no time. If water finds its way to the building’s foundations or other structural elements, they will be saturated and will increase the need for complete rebuild & repair services.

If drywall is damaged, your safety will be at stake. If carpets are soaked and there’s no quick water damage service, mold will grow in a matter of hours. If this happens, you won’t only need to replace the carpets but make substantial changes to the home. It’s never easy and it’s never good. Water sneaks up on you and floods the home with the speed of light. And although you can do some things to prevent water damage, you need to be prepared to deal with such calamities to eliminate the long-term effects even if it takes a complete home restoration.