The Complexity of Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

A fire is one of the most severe losses for a household or business. It brings tears in the eyes, great hassle, lots of expenses, and a lingering question of what comes after the flames go out. As if these problems weren’t enough, you need to face the complexity of fires. After all, not all situations are the same. The source of fire is not the same, the extent of damage differs, and what the fire burns will make a difference to the day after. And so, only one thing is certain. You shouldn’t step into your home or business after a fire. Try to find a temporary shelter and a fire damage restoration company to make an evaluation of the situation.


Not all fires are the same

Finding a company for the residential or commercial fire restoration service is a crucial first step to your peace of mind. Fires are complex situations since they don’t start for the same reason and the extent of their damage varies. They might start from the oven, the furnace, or the outdoors. And they may burn items made of natural fibers or synthetic materials – hence, creating soot. So, it’s not only about how many of your personal things the fire has burned but also which materials it has burned and thus what kind of residue is lingering in the air. And that’s where the experience of a fire & smoke damage service team will make the difference.

Smoke is as dangerous as fire

Fire destroys everything in its path and leaves smoke behind. It’s no wonder that professional companies focus on the smoke and soot removal first. When the fire is out, the smoke is still here and doesn’t only cause damage to the structural elements and items that survived the fire, but severe health problems too. There’s no denying that removing the burned furniture and all items from the building is a must. But does that mean that the smoke and the bad smell of ashes have gone too? Hardly so. This is what makes fires so complex. It’s not only about putting the fire out but having the smoke clean up done as quickly and as effectively possible too.

The risks after the fire

You need a fire damage repair company quickly not only to restore but evaluate the situation. Fires burn and thus cause damage not only to the small items, but also to main structural elements – like pillars, foundations etc. Not only does the fire leave behind smoke, but smoke doesn’t go away easily. Smoke can cause very serious health issues but also tarnish metal, etch glass, and get absorbed by all fabrics.

Fire damage is not alike and neither is fire damage remediation

Every problem has its solution. The same is true in cases of fires. Dealing with the fire and smoke damage restoration means having evaluated all factors – source, extent, damage etc. A small fire in the kitchen might seem unimportant to you once the flames are put out but the smoke is still in the environment and doesn’t stay in one place either. It travels to the other rooms and sets into the fabrics, carpet, and furniture creating new sources of health risks.

Where there’s fire there’s water & then mold

Fire is put out with water. And firefighting water causes another level of damage. Instead of facing fire and smoke damage, you are now confronted with a new enemy: mold. When your place is on fire, you don’t only have the flames to fight with but also the lingering smoke, the water damage, and the potential threat of mold. And all such factors constitute to one thing: you shouldn’t do anything else but try to stay calm and get in touch with a pro smoke, fire, and water damage restoration company.