The Bad and the Worse Face of Water Damage

Water damage may happen due to sewage backup, sink overfilling, a flood, roof leaks, and many more reasons. And the source of the water damage is important since it determines the extent of water contamination – hence, the risks. Beyond damaging parts or the entire building, water may lead to severe health problems, too. Nothing is good. Even a simple leak through the window means lots of work and hassle on your part. And that’s hardly even considered water damage.sewage_backup_cleanupBut when there’s a flood in your location or there’s a sewer backup, things are a bit different. In such cases, you need the water extracted and you need it fast. But you might also need a pro to fix the sewage backup and cleanup the contaminated areas for health reasons.

Mold is one of the worse effects of water damage

The reasons for finding a pro company for the water damage clean up as soon as possible are plenty. You see, the effects of water damage are never good. And there are short- and long-term effects that will impact your life a great deal. It’s crucial that the waters are fully extracted, the area is dry, but also the infected spots are inspected for mold. This is the first thing that happens when a place is flooded or there’s stagnant water for a while. And as you most likely know, mold is bad for you.

So, you don’t only need the water damage fixed but mold removal too. Mold thrives very quickly when the environment is humid for a good while. Water finds its way under carpets and soaks drywalls, and so mold can be anywhere. And this can make a temporary issue, a long-term problem. The home must be inspected meticulously and all damaged items (structural or not) must be replaced. Apart from finding a mold remediation team to clean up the house, you also need to wash everything – from cushions to curtains, even if they are not contaminated. Don’t forget that the house has been exposed to high levels of humidity while the mold spores travel fast. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

Black water is bad news

Black water may contain human or animal waste and pathogens that may affect severely one’s health when they digest or are exposed to this category 3 water. This is as bad as it gets when it comes to water damage. You won’t only see your favorite things destroyed but your house filled with contaminated water. Just like mold, this is one more emergency situation that calls for immediate and professional water damage remediation.

Water damages many things in the house

As you know, water and electricity are not pals! When the house is flooded, the wires or the gas lines might be ruined. That’s a serious problem that might become a tragedy if you don’t turn the power off after the calamity. Due to their location, basements flood easier than other parts of the house. And so, washing machines, furnaces, ACs, water heaters and anything a household keeps in the basement is most likely destroyed. While the cost is often unbearable, it becomes nothing in front of human loss. And so, losing some furniture and appliances is the ugly face of water damage but one you can still live with it.

When it comes to the destruction of objects, things become more serious when your house is at stake. Sometimes, a water damage company might not be able to offer anything else other than complete rebuild & repair services. That’s when the main structural elements of the house (foundations, studs, struts, ceiling, etc.) are severely damaged and so the building is not safe for you to live in. That’s another huge problem because the cost will be high and the possibility for some accidents also high if you don’t take action in a quick manner.