Commercial Mold Remediation San Jose

Don’t take mold infestations in your business lightheartedly. Call us for commercial mold remediation in San Jose, California. Our company rushes to assist you with such hazardous problems. We quickly assess and address the problem using the latest techniques in order to contain, control, remove, and clean up mold. If you have noticed infected areas in your store, a school, an office, or any commercial facility, contact Bay Area Restorations right away.

Call now for commercial mold remediation

We serve the entire bay area and offer emergency commercial mold remediation solutions. Mold grows very fast. If you have suffered from water damage lately and haven’t inspected for mold, give us a call. If there is a funny smell in some areas within your business, let us send you a pro to inspect and see if there are any contaminated areas. Mold spores grow and spread very quickly when they find warm and wet environments. That’s why you notice mold infestations around water pipes and HVAC systems or in basements and bathrooms. If you do, simply give us a call. Let us handle the San Jose commercial mold removal and cleanup.

Mold cleanup and removal – We take a professional approach

The steps of detecting and treating mold are specific but then again, each case is different. Based on the problem, the pros follow a specific commercial mold cleanup approach to make sure the areas are properly disinfected.

  • The pros start by inspecting the areas suspected for mold build-up
  • The problem is assessed to ascertain its gravity and extent of damage
  • In order to address mold infestations for good, we need to take care of the source which makes mold growth possible. That’s moisture. As water damage experts, trust that we can handle such issues effectively
  • Once mold is detected and the extent of the issue is defined, the pros take measures to contain the problem within the contaminated area and don’t let it spread throughout the cleanup process
  • Our company uses the best equipment and products to remove mold effectively and disinfect all areas

Commercial mold removal service is not an easy project. But let us assure you that we have years of experience and the right tools to do the job correctly from start to finish. Call our company if you are having such problems. Don’t let mold spores spread and become a serious safety concern to your employees and visitors. Contact us today for trusted San Jose commercial mold remediation.