Can a Fire Sprinkler System Protect You?

The number of fire sprinkler systems installed annually is in millions. This speaks volumes about their effectiveness. Let us just say that the majority of buildings with such systems were effectively protected during fires thanks to the sprinklers alone.

While not all fire sprinkler systems are the same, they all work on the same principle. That’s to save lives, before anything else. And that’s not all they do.

Now, the question to examine today is whether fire sprinkler systems are worthy of the expense. The question is also whether or not they can protect and to what extent.

commercialHow do fire sprinkler systems work

The heads of the sprinkle system are positioned in various parts of a building – based on the structure and whether this is a home, an apartment, a school, a firm, and are activated when the fire temperatures reach 155 degrees. While most residences only have one single sprinkle head, it always depends on the size of the structure. Now, when there are several heads, it’s vital to know that they don’t go off all together, but one by one.

The main advantage of having a fire sprinkler system

Safety. That’s the main reason why fire sprinkler systems are high in demand, and in some buildings also mandatory. The whole point is to manage to exit the building with no physical harm.

Apart from human life…fire damage is better controlled

Fire sprinklers flow water. And while the very first priority – and goal, is to save human lives, they also save properties. One of the benefits of sprinklers is that they flow water nonstop – always based on the available water supply. This is their way of fighting fire. To also contain fire and don’t let it spread – also, very very important. They don’t only give people the chance to get out of the building but also enough time for the first responders to come in and control the situation.

In buildings with fire sprinklers, the fire damage is truly limited compared to buildings without such systems. If you consider all the flammables found in all homes, it’s easy to conclude that a fire is easily spread and not only causes property damage but may also threaten the whole neighborhood.

It’s likely already clear that fire sprinkler systems are important – necessary really, since they save lives and properties – and by extension they save you money too. Not that there won’t be a need for some fire damage restoration. But if there are no human losses – the most crucial thing, and the damage is contained, there won’t be a need for complete rebuild and repair services. But there’s something else most people worry about. Let’s see.

The water damage consideration

Since water is the means for fire suppression and sprinkle systems flow water as needed, there’s always a water damage consideration. In many cases, this is actually the worse fear: water damage. Hard to replace artifacts, items with great sentimental value, invaluable objects, data, technological equipment may all be damaged by water. When there are such risks, it’s only natural for one to wonder whether or not to get fire sprinklers. But if you think about it, without them, all those precious items will burn. Then, with a specialized draining system and piping, damage may be limited.

Fire sprinklers vs other means for fire extinguishing

The questions also raised have to do with the dilemma: fire sprinklers or other fire suppression systems? Should you abandon the whole idea of installing fire sprinklers altogether, especially if they are not mandatory or not?

Let’s see. A fire alarm is good but it won’t extinguish the fire. Will it? All means used to extinguish fire are good, but not all the same. As a matter of fact, all systems are good in a certain environment. And fire sprinklers are part of this must-have list. So, it’s not to say that one is superior or inferior to the other, since the choice of such systems depends on the regulations and the building. Overall, the best solution for minimum fire damage – and consequently, smoke damage as well, is the combination of all these systems, the sprinklers included. This is the best way to control damage and, above all else, save lives.