6 Tips to Avoid House Fires

There are plenty of ways to avoid house fires. There’s no denying that getting fire damage restoration is not hard these days. And it’s also true that not all house fires cause complete destruction. But who likes to deal with even a small fire? It’s scary. It may expand in no time due to the large number of flammable materials in the house. It leaves smoke behind. It entails many dangers and expenses. And it may lead to a tragedy, period. These are the 6 little things you can do to avoid a house fire.


Don’t leave lit candles unattended

Lit candles have small flames that can easily become a big fire. Never leave them unattended, especially with kids and pets around and when there’s a breeze coming from the open windows. Make sure the candles are on holders on a level table and away from flammable materials.

Be extra cautious with the fireplace

Fireplaces are meant to warm not burn. Let sparks create a nice ambiance and not a fire by placing a fire screen and flammable items away from the fireplace. And don’t forget to collect and dispose ashes only when they are completely cool.

Keep home appliances maintained

Clogged dryers can cause a fire. Combustible items next to the stove or oven might also cause a fire. Don’t place plastic items on burners, clean grease, don’t leave the kitchen if you are cooking, and remove lint from the dryer vents. These things sound simple but most house fires start in the kitchen and when the dryer vent is clogged with lint.

Have the heating system checked

Have heaters checked and keep them away from flammable objects. If you have a furnace, it must be maintained since dust and lint build up and can cause a fire.

Keep the garden free from dry leaves

If dry leaves have piled up in the garden, they might become the source of a fire. Keep your outdoor space free of flammables, avoid lighting up a fire when it’s windy, and make sure there’s a water hose nearby. If a fire starts in your garden, it will not only threaten your home but the whole neighborhood as well.

Don’t plug any cord in

With so many electrical equipment in the home, we plug in and out many cords daily. But they are not all in good condition forever. Wires get damaged. Problems with the electrical circuit may happen. Replace damaged cords at once. Since they usually produce heat, avoid placing them under flammable items, like cushions or rugs. Be extra careful with the Christmas tree lights. They are also a common source of fire. Don’t leave the lights on when you go to bed or out and always check their cord before you plug it in.

House fires don’t come alone…

It takes one call to get fire damage repair nowadays. But the point is to avoid the house fire altogether. Not only does a fire cause great damage and often tragedies, but also becomes the source of more problems. Wouldn’t you need smoke damage remediation due to the fire? Smoke is one of the biggest enemies of your health and home too since it lingers, it’s hard to remove, and causes damage too. And then, there’s water damage. When the firefighters leave, they leave behind them water. And water must be extracted and the area must be dried and eventually inspected for mold. And then you will most likely need to replace the carpet, cleanup mold, throw away most of your things, and change upholstery when you can only be careful when you light up a cigarette, cook, or as an overall have your mind not to play with fire.